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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maverick 18 HPX-V 6 Month Review

Sgt. Swire from the Wounded Warrior Project with the first Red on the Fly for my new boat! 
     When I was in the market for a new skiff I can't start to explain how hard it was to find the right boat for the waters here in the Low Country of Beaufort, SC. That all changed after I took the Maverick 18 HPX-V out for a test run. The boat ran smooth in light chop, poled quiet and shallow, was very stable, and most of all solved my issue of looking for the right skiff as a full time guide. I instantly fell in love with the boat and knew it was the number one boat for me simply after a 2 hour test run!
   Maverick has really hit a home run with the 18 HPX-V and I can't say enough about how well the boat performs! This skiff has made me smile everyday the last 6 months I've been running charters on it with 150 hours on the engine so far. It allows me to fish places I could never fish, reach waters faster, offer a smooth ride in rough water, and most of all give me a break on the poling platform with its light weight. After the last 6 months of running the Maverick 18 HPX-V I can honestly say that it has exceeded my expectations as a full time guide by providing the ultimate skiff for my waters here in Beaufort, SC. The only thing I don't like about the boat is how much time I spend washing it after every trip trying to keep her looking new!
My 2013 Maverick 18 HPX-V
Full speed 52mph at 6000rpms with a sweet rooster tail!!
    People ask me all the time "why did you decide on the 18 HPX-V?" Well there were a lot of things that sold me on the 18. I needed a boat that could handle rough open water ways, 3 anglers, pole in 8 inches of water, stable platform, comfortable space, big storage, dry ride, run fast, and also look good for first impressions. The Maverick 18 HPX-V was the only flats boat on the market that truly met all my needs all in one skiff. I run mostly fly fishing trips here in the low country but run a fair amount of 3 person light tackle trips, which started to cause a problem the more days I spent on the water with my old boat.
   I realized after the fly fishing side of my business was the strong point that I need a technical skiff that could allow me to get shallower and pole easier. But after looking at all the technical skiffs I started to realize I'd lose the ability to run 3 person light tackle trips. My first initial thought of the 18 HPX-V was that it was too big to be a "real" technical poling skiff but when I got on the tower with a push pole in hand, that changed my whole thought of the boat! It poled with ease and went shallower than I ever imagined. Not to mention poling completely silent in chop and tracking better than any boat I've ever poled.
Doubled up on the Fly! 
Tailing Redfish on the Fly 
   After receiving my new boat from the factory I really started to understand why the boat performed so well while poling in shallow water. With a bigger platform than most technical skiffs it allows for a lot more weight distribution through out the boat and tracks better with a longer beam. With the Yamaha 115FS, 20 gallons of fuel, myself, 2 anglers, a full cooler, I can draft a TRUE 8 inches of water. It amazed me and my clients everyday how shallow this boat goes for being an 18ft skiff and still a V hull design! Being a Carbon/Kevlar hull is what makes this boat shine in the shallows and the structure of the hull design is genius. I found myself smiling everyday being able to not only get shallower but watch my customers catch fish I was never able to get close enough to target.
   Running this boat taught me what a true technical poling skiff was all about and to hear the surprised reaction from all of my friends and customers who have small technical skiffs is amazing! Not only does this boat perform excellent on the poling platform but handles rough water with ease and keeps you dry. I now can run faster and farther on windy days which has given me a step up as a guide. Its a good feeling knowing I don't have to limit my days to the elements like I used to do because now running a boat that can handle just about anything you throw at it. In reality of the last 6 months the Maverick 18 HPX-V has allowed me to catch more fish not only being able to run farther and faster, but being able to go really shallow to fish areas no one else can fish.
Back creek red on the fly 
Doubled up!
    One of my favorite parts about the 18 HPX-V is the look on my customers face when they first get on the boat and then there response after running to our first spot. The surprise they have in the smooth ride, speed, draft, and look of the boat is always a proud moment for me as a guide. To run a boat that impresses not only the avid angler but beginners to the sport is an amazing feeling and tells you that your in the right skiff. From running this new skiff and the pride I have for the boat brought a real pride to represent Maverick as a company.
      Being able to tell and talk to people about the boat was a ton of fun and I look forward to going to more boat shows in the future because when you tell people about the boat it really sells itself. Not to mention all the new customers and friends I met at both of those boat shows! Also made it down to Miami for the Miami International Boat show and hung out in the Maverick booth which was a lot of fun meeting and talking to Maverick guides and owners from all over the country! 
At the Charleston International Boat Show

At the Savannah International Boat Show 
Gotta love a guy landing his first red on the fly! 
         Another great part about the 18 HPX-V is how many different custom options you can get on the boat to truly make it one of a kind. When I went in to order the boat it honestly took me a few days to decide on what options I wanted because of all the different choices which is nice because you can order exactly what you want.

Below is the list of all the upgrades I ordered for my 2013 Maverick 18 HPX-V and photos to show all the goodies.

Options include:

-Pastel-Green Hull
-Two Tone Pastel-Green Deck
-Yamaha F115 for Shallow draft
-Yamaha Pro Series 21 stainless prop
-35 Gallon Fuel Cell
-Hydraulic Tilt Steering wheel
-Black Out Powder Coat Package
-Advanced Livewell Bubbler System
-Flush Mount Capable Center Console
-3 Optima Blue top 6 pack batteries
-Gel-Coat Matched Cooler Seat
-3 Rack Stainless Steel Rod Holder
-Custom Maverick Ameritrail Trailer
-Aluminium Wheel Upgrade
-Trolling Motor Ready System
-Nautical Wrapped Steering Wheel
-Garmin 740s Touch Screen GPS with in hull inducer
-Minn Kota ST Trolling Motor with Ipilot
-Quick Release Minn Kota Bracket
-Under Gunnel and Storage well LED Lights
-3 Bank 24V Onboard Battery Charger
-Blade 8ft Black Power Pole
-V-Marine Push Pole Holders
-Tibor Push Pole Caddy
-Stiffy Hybrid 21 Push Pole
Pastel Green Hull, Black Powder Coat Package, 8ft Blade Power Pole

Tall Center Counsel, Nautical Wrapped Wheel, Garmin 740s

Two Tone Pastel Green Deck and Back Powder Coat Tower

Two Tone Pastel Green Deck 
Ameri Trail Trailer 

Optima Blue Top Batteries 

V-Marine Push Pole Holders, Stiffy 21ft Hybrid 

35 Gallon Fuel Cell, Optima Blue Top Battery

3 Bank Stainless Rod Holder 

Two Tone Package Lids 




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